Top 12 Adoption Announcements

Creative ways to announce adoption.

Shelley Skuster December 28, 2014

No doubt about it, announcing your plans to adopt can be scary. Most people strongly dislike announcements. Just ask the Boy Scouts. “Announcements, announcements, announcements. What a horrible way to die, what a horrible way to die. A horrible death to be talked to death, a horrible way to die.”

. . . but announcing your adoption can also be so much fun!

Take a look at these 12 examples of creative adoption announcements:

My Best Friend
1. My Best Friend

The Harris family in South Carolina made sure their son was a part of their adoption announcement.
Photo credit: Jewel Photography

Across the Globe
2. Across the Globe

The Belgraves in Orlando, Florida, incorporated a globe when they announced their plan to adopt domestically.
Courtesy: Belgrave family

3. Scrabble

Christy and Dietrich from Cedar Falls, Iowa, announced their plans to adopt with pieces from the classic board game, Scrabble.
Courtesy: Tice family

Photo Collage
4. Photo Collage

Andy and Mimi from Longmont, Colorado, created a fun photo collage to announce their intention to adopt.
Courtesy: Salonen family

Custom Cupcakes
5. Custom Cupcakes

Chris and Shelley from Waverly, Iowa, made banners to decorate with cupcakes from a local shop, Scratch Cupcakery.
Courtesy: Skuster family

Waiting for You
6. Waiting for You

Kaylah and Jordan from Otsego, Minnesota had Grandma-to-be (Kaylah’s mom) snap this photo announcement with their pup Padraig.
Courtesy: Gerads family

7. Shoes

This photo is an additional photo from the Belgraves in Orlando, Florida.

Secret Message
9. Secret Message

Joe and Jess from Cedar Falls, Iowa, sent these MadGabs with a note that read, “It’s not what you say, it’s what you hear. Call us when you figure out our secret message.” When you sound it out, the secret message, of course, says “Joe and Jess are adopting a baby!”
Courtesy: Renze family

Get Us a Human!
10. Get Us a Human!

Troy and Nicole in Milwaukee, Wisconsin had their dogs Ollie and Louie help announce their big plans to adopt!
Courtesy: Schaeffer family

11. Banners

Andy, Melissa and Simon Moore from Boise, Idaho, created a banner and made sure their son was included with their announcement to grow their family through adoption.
Courtesy: Moore family

Alma Mater
12. Alma Mater

Miki and Tyler, both University of Northern Iowa graduates, incorporated their alma mater and favorite team into their adoption announcement.
Courtesy: Granberg family

More Scrabble!
13. More Scrabble!

Christy and Chris had a photographer in Cedar Falls, Iowa, snap photos for their adoption announcement. Here’s a fun message with the game Scrabble!
Credit: Launder Life & Art

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Shelley Skuster

Shelley is a former award-winning television journalist who traded in suit coats and red lipstick for a messy bun and yoga pants. She's a freelance writer who stays at home with her three daughters who are all ((gasp)) under the age of three and came to her via adoption and birth. She's the woman behind the blog Shelley Writes and she can also be found on facebook and twitter as ShelleySkuster.

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