Top 14 Countries for International Adoption

Now that countries ban international adoption, we want to know the top 14 countries that allow their children to be adopted internationally.

Stephan Petryczka May 30, 2018

When the United States began to publish an annual report on intercountry adoption numbers in the year 2000, the roster of countries looked very different from last year’s list. International adoption is changing rapidly. Many of the countries that have helped form American families for the past two decades by allowing the international adoption of their children. Many countries are beginning to close their doors to the practice.

The list of countries prohibiting adoption becomes longer each year and now includes Ethiopia (last year’s #2 country for international adoption). Other major players that have banned the practice, either from Americans or the world at large, include Vietnam, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Nepal, and Russia. The former countries mentioned used to be some of the largest contributors to American adoptive families. Since the height of international adoption in 2004, the United States (and other receiver countries) have continued to experience a decline in the number of children received.

Despite the discouraging news, we’ve compiled a list of the top 14 countries that continue to grant American adoptive families the opportunity to form families through international adoption. This information is based on last year’s annual report on intercountry adoption.


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Stephan Petryczka

Stephan was born in Ukraine, adopted by an American family, and raised outside of New York City. After meeting with his biological family last summer, he has taken steps toward becoming involved in the greater adoptee and orphan service communities. Stephan recently began coordinating programs for the FRUA young adult group. He is currently studying for his Master's of Urban Planning at New York University.

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