1. Embryo adoption may be a good choice for you if you are infertile, in danger of high risk pregnancy, or have suffered failed infertility treatments.

2. Embryo adoption is relatively low-cost compared to adoption. It ranges from approximately $7,500 to $19,500.

3. For mothers who want to experience a pregnancy, embryo adoption may just be the right choice.

4. Embryo adoption has very high rates of success.

5. Embryo adoption is not as time intensive as other options.

6. Embryo donors and the recipients of those embryos undergo intensive medical screening.

7. Embryo donation does require legal representation for all parties involved.

8. Like conventional adoption, disclosure of the embryo donation is up to the parents, but medical considerations must be kept in mind.

9. Check with individual IVF clinics to see if they offer embryo donation options.

10. A would-be parent or parents can use either a fertility clinic or an agency.