Recently launched in the United Kingdom is a method to make the foster and adoption process easier. The Shoreham Herald reported this week about the West Sussex text service. Regardless of marital status, cultural background, ethnicity, or any other status, residents with any amount of interest in the foster care system or the possibility of adopting are invited to text the word FOSTER or ADOPT to the West Sussex County Council’s Fostering Recruitment Team. The text will register the resident into the system and a recruiter will call back (always within two days time) to answer questions.

With a great need for foster parents and for loving, permanent, adoptive homes, the county is taking their plan to make everything easier seriously. Once registered by texting the county, and once interest becomes greater than just a few questions, the team member will discuss with the potential adoptive or foster parent what skills are needed as well as other requirements to proceed.

Cabinet member for “Children–Start of Life,” Peter Evans, told the Crawley Observer, “A simple text now allows people to register their interest. Then a member of our team will call them back to discuss their skills and suitability as well as answer any questions they may have.”

Of course, texts are charged the standard text rates, but the convenience makes it well worth it.