Currently, the law allows for three foster children to each foster home in the state of Utah. The new bill HB139 — sponsored by Representative Brad Daw of Orem — calls for the number to rise to four, and even higher. The number could increase to five for sibling groups. With a greater emphasis being placed on sibling groups not being split up, this solution is much preferable to placing the children in group homes.

However, those opposing the bill are concerned that with an increase in the number of children per foster home, too many people will choose to foster for the money. This would take away the quality of foster care.

Those who support the bill believe that with the monitoring that takes place, that concern could be eliminated. Additionally, the state doesn’t pay enough per child to make it a money-making venture. In fact, most foster parents actually lose money by using their own income to help support foster children with clothing, food, and school supplies.

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