WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents) is focused on assisting children throughout the world. One of the ways they accomplish their goal is by matching waiting children with the parents who are longing to give them a home.

One of these parents is Kea Herron, a 52-year-old single woman who has always wanted a family. Thinking for years that she was too old, too single, or too poor, she worried this dream would never materialize. But through the WACAP, she was able to adopt 10-year-old Keya from Ethiopia.

That was five years ago. Keya now talks about how thrilled she was to know she would be leaving the orphanage. She said it was rare for the children she grew up with to be adopted. For her to get the chance to come to America and attend school — just knowing she could get the education to become whatever she wanted to be, and also have a family — that was a dream come true for her.

The WACAP was established in 1976. With 80% of the children they place being children who have waited for over three years, theirs is a special mission. Finding loving parents who match these children is fulfilling work. Julie Snyder, a representative of WACAP, spoke with The Fam Uan and encouraged those who are considering adoption to think about older children. “Going into parenthood is a leap of faith,” she said. Regardless of whether you birth a child or adopt an infant or an older child, how they turn out will be a mystery. So why not choose to adopt an older child?