What can be expected if you’re looking to adopt from Bulgaria? What are the requirements of an international adoption? What is entailed in the process and what are the specific details that need to be met?

Adopting from Bulgaria can be a positive and life-changing event, as with any adoption. But also as with any adoption, there may be paperwork challenges or delays that will hold up the process. In Bulgaria, there are many children waiting to be adopted. Many of the children wanting to be adopted are of Roma decent and in Bulgaria considered to be “Gypsies.” This group of people are looked down upon and discriminated against and therefore, most Bulgarian people do not want to adopt these children. Children available for adoption typically range from the age of 12 months to school age and are of both genders.

Bulgaria is Hague accredited, which means the adoption process is more stable, offering more safeguards with more regulations in place. The country has fairly flexible requirements for people wanting to adopt, allowing both single or married couples to adopt. As with any adoption, the requirements include a stable job and clean background checks. An article on Rainbow Kids notes another requirement  that the parents be at least 15 years older but no more than 45 years older than the adopted child.

If you’re thinking about adopting from Bulgaria, you may also consider adopting siblings. Siblings groups are common in Bulgaria usually want to be adopted together.

The process for adoption varies by the country in which you are adopting and the state in which you live. A major consideration in adopting from Bulgaria is the waiting period. Be prepared to wait. Typically, after a dossier is submitted, the wait is 12-24 months prior to receiving a referral. That does vary if you are open to adopting an older child, or a child with special needs. The Bulgarian government has been blamed for intentionally slowing down the adoption process, according to this news article.

Two trips are needed for adoption in Bulgaria. The first one is a visit trip and the second is when you bring your child home; both trips are approximately 7 days each