Angelica Poggemoeller, 34, has spent her adult life suffering from anxiety and depression she attributes to not knowing where she came from. Because of her conditions it took her some time to find a life path that she would find fulfilling. She was adopted from Mexico when she was three years old. With the help of Facebook and Google Translate, she found her biological family.

In August she connected with several family members in the town she was born in. They have been communicating through messages and video chat. Her birth mother and eight siblings have been very warm and welcoming to her. She initially worried about their acceptance of her being a lesbian, but her family has expressed their unconditional love for Poggemoeller.

It brings Angelica great joy to finally have answers to the questions that tormented her throughout her life. She discovered that her parents placed her for adoption because they could not afford the necessities required by a child. Two of her older siblings died from starvation before her birth.

When Poggemoeller first began her search she hired private investigators, but it became too expensive. She started making connections on Facebook in the area where she was born. She reached out to everyone who would listen. She found one man in particular using Google Translate. He lived in Las Vegas but shared her information in a Facebook group he belonged to in Mexico.

Angelica is taking her licensing exams this fall to become a certified massage therapist. Her goal is to open her own studio. She has made travel plans with her adoptive mother to her hometown next year. She hopes her search angel, Rodolpho, will join them.

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