At St. Mary’s Hospital in Newcastle 44 years ago, Patricia Ross was told that the three-months- premature daughter she had given birth to had absolutely no chance of survival. She gave the baby the name Carolyn, and she left the hospital, not knowing whether her baby would end up alive and well.

Now that baby is all grown up and is asking the public for help finding answers to questions she has had her whole life. For 14 years now, Carolyn Jones has been actively searching for her birth mother, Patricia Ross. Out of desperation, she decided to post a video on a Facebook search post. That post has been shared about 900,000 times.

When asked what she would do if her biological mother were found, she replied, “I would give her the biggest hug and tell her that I survived, that I’m okay and I’m her daughter.”

When the search began, Carolyn had the police check into what little information she had. She was still carrying a faded copy of her original birth certificate with Patricia’s name, address, and age. She was told that the address listed did not exist. They assume that her mother was a squatter. The police have no leads.

Baby Carolyn was born weighing only 1 pound and 10 ounces. The tiny infant spent several months in the NICU at the hospital. At six months old she was taken in by newly certified foster parents. Later, the family made the decision to adopt her. She was raised in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England until she was seven years old. Then her dad received a job offer in California, so the family moved to the United States. Carolyn has only been back to the UK a few times, and she has never been to the hospital where she was born. Carolyn is now married and has her own child. She is currently living in Henderson, Nevada.