Despite nine previous investigations into abuse of her two biological children, Ingrid Brewer was permitted to adopt two children. In 2001, callers contacted a hotline reporting suspected child abuse. Social workers who visited their home believed the allegations were unfounded, even though written reports indicate some of the children had visible injuries. And so when Brewer submitted her application to adopt two of her foster children, social workers started the process of approval. Even though they found the biological half-siblings in her care to be stiff and appear afraid of Brewer, the application was approved.

The Antelope Valley Times says that the children, a boy, 8, and a girl, 8, were locked in separate rooms when Brewer went to work. They were forced to use their trash cans to relieve themselves, were deprived of food, and were unable to communicate with each other. Brewer tied their hands behind their backs and tortured them with electrical cords and hammers and then would lock them in their rooms again at night. In January of 2013 Brewer reported the children missing. The Los Angeles Times reports that the children were found by police hugging a blanket to try to keep warm after spending most of a cold winter night outside. When the deputies found them, the temperature was in the mid-20s and neither had winter clothing. The children told the police that they ran away because they were tire of being tied up and beaten. The boy had somehow gotten out of his locked room and helped his sister escape, and they left the home together.

Having been in jail since January of 2013, Brewer pleaded “no contest” this month. Her sentencing will take place in March of 2015, and she is expected to receive a life sentence for her cruel and inhumane treatment of the children, according to My News L.A.