I reached out to see how people would celebrate adoption in 2018, and they gave me a wealth of ideas to pass along to you readers.

1.  Reunite! 

It’s truly a celebration ”when a birth mother is ashamed of her past but manages to bravely face the reunion nonetheless.” – Roxan

2.  Hold a ‘Gotcha Day‘ Celebration

“Every year when I was a child, my parents had a small party to celebrate the day they brought me home.  My mom and dad would always tell me “our” story and how much they loved me. –Sandy

3.  Donate money to an orphanage.

“By donating money, you help the kids have a better time with games at their orphanage, which can sometimes be boring (the orphanage, not the games).” – Dom, age 9

4.  Celebrate ‘with babies . . . and family . . . and births.’ –Nico, age 5.  With that said, let’s celebrate Adoption in 2018 by celebrating the babies (and children) throughout the world that become adopted into their forever families, and advocating for those who are still waiting.

5.  Read an adoption article. I challenge those not touched by adoption to read an article or an adoption story.  Whether it be a birth mother’s story, an adoptive parents’ story, or an adoptee’s journey . . . it matters not.  I just think those who are not familiar with adoption, or not immersed in it in some way, can become educated and spread their newfound knowledge.

6.  Donate to a non-profit adoption agency. There are about 3000 adoption agencies in the United States alone (2018, Nolo.com). Every agency provides support with the main goal of connecting children with their forever families. Adoption agencies rely on funding, and donations always help to provide the agency with the resources it needs to hire the proper staff, and being able to provide medical care for those children waiting to be adopted.

7.  Consider adopting! I know this is not for everyone. I also know there are those out there who have had it cross their minds . . . more than once.  Go for it!  It has its challenges, but it has its rewards also.

8.  Celebrate your child’s birth culture. For those who have adopted, celebrating your child’s culture, whether it be the same as yours or different, I believe is so important. Their birth culture is important and should be learned about, and maybe even practiced. Every child should know the culture they were born from. It is a part of who they are, and should not be forgotten or ignored.

9.  Say “thank you.” No matter your role in the adoption triad, there are people to be thankful to. Thank them! If you are an adoptee (like me), and thankful you are adopted, take a moment to say THANK YOU.  Turn to both sets of your parents and thank them for giving you love and life.

10.  Adopt a pet. Yes, I know this is an adoption site about adopting babies and children, but adoption can be celebrated by adopting the four-legged kind as well! Or the two-legged kinds maybe. Through adopting an animal, you are celebrating Adoption.  It doesn’t matter who or what you adopt, adopting anything is still a celebration in itself.



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