13 Essential Pictures to Take in Your Child’s Birth Country

A list of the most important pictures you should take before leaving to go home.

Tiffany Castleberry January 27, 2015

Traveling overseas to adopt is more than just a chance to meet your new child. It’s a rare opportunity to enter into your child’s culture. Even if you are adopting a baby, the memories you will be able to share as he grows are priceless.

So in addition to the packing lists, gift lists, and myriad of other lists you’ll make for the trip, here is a list of essential pictures to take while in child’s country. It’s an emotional time and you might forget something if you don’t have a plan. Remember this–pictures worth a thousand words. Pictures capture moments and allow us to reflect years down the road on beautiful memories. Pictures help create memory and preserve the things that matter. Pictures are wonderful things.

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Tiffany Castleberry

Tiffany and her high school sweetheart husband live in the country near Tulsa, OK, with their six children (so far!). They are allowing God to grow their family as He sees fit through birth, international adoption, foster care adoption, and private domestic adoption. Tiffany is a homeschooling mom who loves Jesus, adoption, and cupcakes (usually in that order). You can find more of her writing on her blog, Stuff and Things.

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