15 Totally True Celebrity Quotes about Adoption

Adoption can touch the heart of any person—including the people you see on the big screen.

MK Menon August 18, 2018

When people choose to adopt, it can be for a myriad of reasons including fertility issues, emotional desire, relationship status, and “just because,” to name a few. Celebrities are not immune to the motivations that propel them, like anyone else, to adopt. Here are some quotes from celebrities that have chosen adoption as a path to grow their family. They know that—while in many aspects of their lives—their celebrity status provides them with a different life experience than us normal folk, they, of course, feel heartache and love just like the rest of us.

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MK Menon

MK Menon is a transracial international adoptee. She was adopted as an infant in a closed adoption yet managed to successfully trace her roots in her twenties. This year she hopes to publish her memoir about her journey to her birth mother. She's a vocal advocate for adoptees tracing their roots. She works as a research scientist and freelance writer. When she and her husband aren't chasing their toddler around the house, she loves cooking up a storm. She currently lives in California.

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