National Adoption Month is a very exciting month. It is a month in which adoptive families, adoption agencies, and adoption charities educate our society and community about adoption. It is a time of celebration for children finding their forever homes. It is a month of families making the commitment to start the process of adoption or foster care. It is also a time when family courts prioritize adoption finalizations.

According to this local news article, 8 families attended their local court celebrations and adopted 16 children in Santa Barbara. Gustavo Prado, a worker for their local social services stated, “Today, we have eight families here that will be welcoming 16 children, which is amazing because in this county, along with many others, the need for families to adopt and foster safe home for youth is so significant.”

Unfortunately, there are still many children that are still waiting for their forever family. In a local newspaper article, it was discussed how important this day can be for the children, describing their desire to feel a sense of belonging – and not just like they’re a package bounced around whenever it’s convenient for the adults in their lives. Winter Holmgren, a teenager, discussed her childhood, how she was bounced around in foster homes, was in a foster home for years and devastated when she found out they did want to adopt her. Her story did have a happy ending, though, because she did later find her forever home and is now adopted.

Her story is not an individual case. There are millions of children waiting for their forever families. It is so important to use National Adoption Month as a platform for change for these children. It is important to raise awareness for these children. Most importantly, it is to show these children that they are valued and loved, no matter their background.