There is no shortage of adoption blogs on the internet. A quick search will turn up the most popular ones or a specific subset of blogs (about foster adoption, for example, or transracial adoption). As an adoptive parent, I naturally gravitate to blogs written by other adoptive parents, but I think it’s important to read (and listen) to perspectives from all the members of the adoption triad. Here are five blogs I think you should follow:

Foster the Family

Written by a foster and adoptive mom, this blog features honest posts about the great and not-so-great parts of foster care, adoption, and parenting children from hard places. It also features guest posts from authors with a variety of experiences and perspectives.

Natalie Brenner Writes

Natalie is a mom to virtual twins via adoption and birth, and her story is fascinating. After watching the video on her blog, I ordered her book, This Undeserved Life: Uncovering the Gifts of Grief and the Fullness of Life and devoured it in a few days. Natalie writes about her experiences with infertility, birth trauma, transracial adoption, parenting, and faith.

Shelley Writes

Shelley is a mom to four (all under four years old!) via adoption and birth.  Her writing style is warm and engaging as she tackles issues both specific to adoption and general to parenting. Be warned: once you start, you may spend hours binge-reading old posts on her site.

Dear Adoption

Dear adoption is a collection of posts by people who were adopted. The voices are diverse, and they are important. If you are an adoptive parent (or a hopeful adoptive parent), spend some time reading and considering the perspectives found here.

Adoptee Out Loud

This is a new blog written from the perspective of an adult adoptee. She writes honestly about life in her adoptive family, her longing to connect with her biological family, and how the experience of being adopted impacts her life as an adult.

Brave Love

This site features stories of domestic infant adoption from a variety of perspectives (birth parent, adoptee, and adoptive parent). Their goal is to break the stigma of being a birth parent who makes an adoption plan.

What great blogs am I missing? What adoption content are you loving right now? Who should I be following? Sound off in the comments.