5 Gift Ideas for Birth Moms on Mother’s Day

May is a time to remember the person who made you a mom.

Karen White May 01, 2016

Many families would not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day without the sacrifice that their child’s birth parents made. Whether you choose to recognize your children’s birth mom on Mother’s Day or on Birth Mother’s Day (the Saturday before Mother’s Day), May is a time to remember the person who made you a mom.

Finding gifts for these special people in our lives can be hard, so here are a few ideas for the special birth mom in your life, ranging from simple crafts to sentimental gifts.

A Hand-crafted Card
1. A Hand-crafted Card

Birth Mother’s Day cards, or cards that seem "right" to send to birth parents can be really hard to find. Often it's easier to just make your own. This adorable tree can be used as a decoration as well as a card. And I love that it can be sent flat so that you avoid crazy shipping charges!

The handprint and hearts alone is cute, but older children can also write the names of all their family members in the leaves and younger children can add buttons or glitter (because EVERYONE needs some glitter in their lives!)

You can find a link to the tutorial here.

A Hand-painted Masterpiece
2. A Hand-painted Masterpiece

So you love the handprint, but your child isn’t going to sit long enough for you to trace it? (I had one of those kids. I would like to say it gets easier, but . . . )

Never fear. Here is a super simple but still adorable craft a child of ANY age can do. You can do it on canvas, paper, poster board, anything you like. Just use masking or painters tape to spell out M-O-M and then let your kids go to town. All kids like to finger paint, and once the paint is dry to the touch, simply remove the tape and voila! you have a handmade gift!

You can find a tutorial homemade finger paints.

An Oven Mitt
3. An Oven Mitt

Everyone, even people who don’t enjoy cooking, need an oven mitt, even if it is just used to take out a cake-in-a-mug from the microwave. (It would be super cute to send a mug and a baggie of cake mix along with this!) And a personalized like this one is just adorable.

You can find a step-by-step tutorial and some hints here.

(Here are some yummy cake-in-a-mug recipes too, good to have on hand for anyone!

A Gift Map
4. A Gift Map

Everyone hits the point where if you make one more item with a handprint you will explode. Or maybe crafting just isn’t your thing. Etsy has tons of gift ideas, but this one by EkraI really love. It is super cute way to show someone far away that you love them. It's a tasteful home decoration and, for those who are a little more private, it's something that doesn’t scream "adoption."

An Eternal Circle Necklace
5. An Eternal Circle Necklace

Everyone loves jewelry and while stamped jewelry is super popular right now, and you can find TONS of it on Etsy, not every birth mom wants to wear something with their child’s name or birthstone because that can lead to a lot of questions. This necklace by Popsicledrum is perfect in my opinion because it is simple, yet represents the bond between a mother and her child (Maybe order one of these for yourself too while you are at it—you deserve it!)

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