5 Holiday Crafts to Send to Birth Families

These fun ideas will make the holidays a little more merry for everyone in your adoption!

Maren Lee December 03, 2015

As LT gets older, I must admit I am constantly searching through Pinterest to find new crafts and activities for us to do and share with his birth family. The holidays are no exception. Granted, we have to wait until we have spare time, but the results have yet to disappoint.

The Turkey Hand!
1. The Turkey Hand!

(This one we did at church and I still need to send) It’s so very easy yet shows so much personality. It’s also a physical representation of how much they’ve grown! Trace your little one’s hand, add some legs, a beak and if you’re brave attach some fun colored feathers!

Snowmen (and women!)
2. Snowmen (and women!)

LT loves to play with cotton balls and all kinds of items so gluing them to a paper makes an for a quick and sometimes hilarious craft.

Painted Plates!
3. Painted Plates!

There is something special about eating off of a plate that has been painted or drawn on by a little one. To keep it cost effective you can even use certain Sharpie markers (if you dare) to draw on plates you get at the dollar store! You just need to bake them to lock in the design!

4. Ornaments!

Who doesn’t love a hand-decorated ornament? We have a running joke in my family about an ornament my sister made. It was made out of a paper cone, had macaroni and various pastas glued to it, and was spray painted gold. My parents still have it, and it topped the tree on more than a few occasions. It can be as simple as a photo or as complex as what my sister made.

5. Wreath!

This one has a wide variety of ways to make it. You can use a foam wreath like the one pictured above, create a wreath out of cutout hand prints, or get an actual wreath and cover it with various items. This year, don’t tell LT’s birth family, but we may be searching out cars or superheros to make one. If he has the patience!

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Maren Lee

Maren Lee is wife to Ty and mom to an adorable little boy they nicknamed "LT." She will forever have a passion for doing hair, despite having left the salon years ago. Her "free time" is spent with family and friends staying active. Running is a major part of her life, and luckily, LT enjoys his jogging stroller. Maren is an infertility survivor and a mom due to the awesomeness of adoption.

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