5 Reasons Adoption Records Should be Opened in All 50 States

Access to original birth certificates is a right that should never have been denied to adoptees.

Sherri Eppley November 21, 2017

It is common to hear about adult adoptees searching for their birth families. With the internet and social media sites such as Facebook, the search should not be that difficult; however, many adoptees have very little information about the family they are looking for because their adoption records are sealed. Here are just a few of the reasons why adoption records should be opened in all 50 States.

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Sherri Eppley

Sherri Eppley is a Storyteller for adoption.com. She is a registered nurse and currently a full-time stay at home mom. Her and her husband have adopted their son and have been foster parents since 2014. She is on the steering team for her local MOPS group, attends Crossroads Church and just loves helping people anyway she can.

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