All children deserve families. And although it’s not always an easy path, international adoption can be a fulfilling and wonderful way to make having a forever family a reality for children caught up in less-than-ideal situations around the world.

Through international adoption, you can:

Become a family to a waiting child!

You can provide a loving family to a child who otherwise may spend years in an overcrowded orphanage, slip through the foster system, or endure an even more dangerous situation involving war, crime, natural disaster, and/or staggering poverty.

Provide a healthy future!

In many countries, some waiting children are designated as “special needs” due to illness or disabilities that often can be remedied and easily corrected in the U.S. These children are sometimes deemed unadoptable in-country due to a lack of access to healthcare resources. Rather than receiving the help they require, these children spend years in orphanages and foster care before being released from the system with nowhere to go.

Share the life you love with the child you love!

The transition period can be a confusing time for everyone involved. However, it also presents a  wonderful opportunity to open the lines of communication and bond as she experiences the many new people, places, and things in your world, which have made you who you are and led you to this point in your life as you move forward together.

Try something (or everything) new!

While growing your family, international adoption also allows you to grow as a person. Just as your child will experience new things, you also will be challenged to adopt his culture into your lifestyle through his native language, food, art, music, and dance. The possibilities are endless! By embracing his heritage, you will reinforce your child’s self esteem while letting him know that where he has come from is just as important as where he will someday go.

See the world!

International adoption provides an opportunity to travel. You shouldn’t consider international adoption if you are not accepting of other cultures. You most definitely should consider international adoption if you view the planet as a place to expand your understanding of the world around you.