5 Things Adoption Reunion Taught Me About Myself

Adoption reunion provided a great opportunity for me to reflect on my life and find ways to become happier.

Tom Andriola October 07, 2016

I’m big on self-reflection. I feel like I can always be learning more about myself and finding ways to improve. For me, adoption reunion provided a big opportunity for this kind of reflection. I learned many lessons and have used them to grow.

My reunion with my birth mother was positive—it wasn’t my fantasy reunion, but it was positive. Meeting my biological father was tense. He was in denial about being the guy, and he didn’t want to pursue a relationship. With my three half-siblings on his side, I basically got the cold shoulder. They wanted nothing to do with me. I’ve read reunion stories that sound amazing. That wasn’t my experience. But I certainly learned a lot about myself in the process.

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Tom Andriola

Tom Andriola advocates for adoptee rights and shares his personal experiences about being adopted and his successful, independent search for both biological parents. To see more of his writing, visit Tom's Facebook page.

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