6 Must-Read Books for Kids During Black History Month

These are great books for you to read with your kids this month!

Shannon Hicks February 18, 2016

I love books. Ever since I became a teacher, I’ve bought and read children’s books like it’s my job (because it is!). I love how books foster closeness between adults and children and I appreciate how reading a story can initiate challenging topics of conversation in a non-threatening way. Lots of “Must Read” lists have 25, 50 or 100 books. That’s too many “musts” for me in one month. So I picked six must-read books for kids during Black History Month. Of course, all of these books are better when they are shared between a child and a caring adult. So buy them for your kids. And then read them with your kids.

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Shannon Hicks

Shannon is mom to two amazing kids who joined her family through foster care adoption. She is passionate about advocating for children through her writing and her job as a kindergarten teacher. You can read more from her at Adoption, Grace and Life.

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