6 Ways To Celebrate Diversity With Your Kids | Diversity Awareness Month

Celebrate diversity by trying these fun tips!

Crystal Perkins October 28, 2016

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month, but as parents we have an obligation to teach our children about embracing our differences every day. Here are six simple ways to celebrate diversity with your kids.

Update Your Bookshelves
1. Update Your Bookshelves

Make sure your children have access to books that embrace different cultures and showcase a diverse selection of main characters. Bonus points if you have books that address the topics of race and ethnicity in an age-appropriate, engaging way (like these books listed recently in the New York Times).

My three recommendations: “The Skin You Live In” by Michael Tyler; “We’re Different, We’re The Same” by Bobbi Kates; “I Like Myself” by Karen Beaumont.

Attend a Multicultural Event
2. Attend a Multicultural Event

Does your city or town host arts and culture events downtown or at a community center? Take your family and learn about other cultures by sampling food, viewing art or a combination of both! It’s also a great place to meet and interact with people from different backgrounds.

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Host an International Student
3. Host an International Student

Consider hosting an international student attending your local high school or college. Not only is it a fantastic way for them to learn about American culture, it’s a great opportunity for your entire family to learn about theirs!

Implement Diverse Art with Home Décor
4. Implement Diverse Art with Home Décor

Display art and home décor that depicts cultures other than your own or consider showcasing fabrics and textiles from other countries. Implementing diverse art in your home décor selection is a great way to embrace diversity.

My 3 recommendations: Kadir Nelson, Rebecca Kinkead, and Frank Morrison.

Watch a Documentary Together
5. Watch a Documentary Together

Better yet – consider hosting a watch party, and invite your friends and family members over to watch a documentary with you! Here’s a list of 10 ‘Must Watch’ Documentaries compiled by PBS.

Cook an Ethnic Meal
6. Cook an Ethnic Meal

Learn about other cultures by cooking an ethnic meal together. Have your children help select the meal, purchase groceries and research how to authentically eat the meal as if you were enjoying it in its native country.

My recommendation: AllRecipes.com has a great variety of ethnic meals from countries near and far along with tips from people who have made them.

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