These days, there is no shortage of birth announcements all over the internet and social media. If you search on YouTube or Pinterest, you will be bombarded with different ideas to help you share your happy news of expecting. Making the decision to announce an adoption should be no different. Whether biologically giving birth, or adopting, you are still gaining a new child to love.

Here are 7 tips to help you up together a fun adoption announcement.

1. Make it unique.

Whether you use props, a photo, video, or send something in the mail, make the announcement unique to you and your family. There are more common ways to make important announcements than others, but it doesn’t matter if everyone else in the world does a similar type of announcement as you; if what you choose fits your style and family, rock it out!

2. Get your family involved.

If there are already children in the family, it would be fun to make it a family announcement and include them in the photos/videos, etc. It may also help the kids feel more involved, if they’re not completely on board or understanding of what is happening with the adoption.

3. Record reactions.

I think one of the reasons announcements go viral is because so many of them show the reactions of the friends/family who are finding out, and their reactions trigger emotions in the viewer. Plus, having those reactions recorded will be a really fun thing to have to look back on, and even to show the adoptee when they’re older, so they are able to see how excited others were for their arrival.

4. Wrap the papers.

If you have seen the videos of a step-child asking a step-parent to adopt them, it’s always so touching to see the parent open a gift from the child, having no idea what’s going on, and finding the papers. The look of shock and seeing them overcome with emotion always makes me grab the nearest tissue.

5. Add music.

Music is always a great way to set the tone of an announcement. If you want to be clever, use a song that has to do with a new baby, or has the word “baby” in it. If you host an adoption announcement event, play fun, upbeat music in the background. I actually saw a playlist on Pinterest that was recommended for birth/adoption announcements, and every song was upbeat and included the word “baby.”

6. Ignore the haters.

There is always someone who looks past what is being celebrated, and dives right into personal questions that are none of their business. You will get questions asking why you are adopting, or comments from people who obviously do not know how to react to the fact that you are announcing an adoption, especially if early in the process. Ignore negativity. Just like when giving birth, someone always has an unsolicited opinion to give, and seems to be incapable in just sharing the joy with you. You are gaining a new life to love. The only thing to be done is celebrate.

7. Go all out.

Announcing an adoption is no less important or special than announcing a pregnancy. If you ask any parent who has biological children and adopted children, they will tell you there is no difference in the amount of love they feel between each of their kids.

Don’t be afraid to go all out and tell the whole world that you’re adopting. You deserve every bit of joy and excitement that comes with gaining a new family member.

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