The Good, The Bad, And The Funny: 8 Adoptive Parents You Need to Follow Right Now

Follow these often funny, tell-it-like-it-is parents online for encouragement, a laugh, and a glimpse into their lives post-adoption.

Kelly Meldrum October 26, 2016

These adoptive parents don’t have child-rearing super powers and they weren’t given a manual with their first child. They simply share their daily struggles, along with their joys and successes, but mostly they’re living their lives—trying to get everyone out the door in the morning with shoes on and teeth brushed—just like the rest of us!

Jen Hatmaker
1. Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker and her husband, Brandon, are the parents of five children—two adopted and three biological—and are living a “weird” life outside of Austin, Texas. Her unique voice is endearing and kind. She is a comedian in her own right, causing women from all walks of life to belly laugh at the everyday absurdities of raising children.

Jen has authored 11 books and travels the country as a Christian speaker. Her newest book, “FOR THE LOVE: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards,” is a hilarious look at the unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves to have it all together. The Hatmaker family’s reality series, “My Big Family Renovation” was a hit on HDTV in 2014.

On her blog, Jen often talks about her family’s adoption journey, adoption ethics, orphan care, and everything mom. Her hilarious take on all things will make you feel like you have a new best friend.

Blog: Jen Hatmaker

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Jill Robbins
2. Jill Robbins

A self-described oversharer, Jill Robbins blogs and vlogs (video blogs) about “adoption, motherhood, and midlife.” Her popular Facebook page has a community of moms who laugh together about their experiences, with Jill egging them on.

Jill’s likability is amplified by her transparency about life with her husband, adult biological daughter, and two sons adopted from China. Her positivity and humor is there for moms when they need a break from the everyday grind to relax and commiserate.

Her blog, Ripped Jeans & Bifocals, is filled with recipes, family vacation ideas, and light-hearted commentary on news and pop culture. All moms, adoptive or no, will relate to this donut and wine loving mommy blogger.

Blog: Ripped Jeans & Bifocals

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Adoptive Black Mom (Anonymous)
3. Adoptive Black Mom (Anonymous)

This single, professional mom writes thoughtful posts about her parenting journey with her 15-year-old daughter. At 39, ABM realized her life was quite different than she’d imagined. Although she says she had a “great life,” she wanted a family of her own, which led her to the adoption of her then tween daughter, Hope.

ABM co-hosts a podcast, Add Water and Stir, with Mimi, another adoptive mom, who blogs at Complicated Melodi. The bi-weekly live show focuses on “promoting adoption within communities of color, especially within the African American community.”

She began blogging in response to her frustration with the lack of representation of people of color in the global adoption discussion. Pre-adoptive and adoptive parents alike will find support for parenting minority children through ABM’s candid insights.

Blog: Adoptive Black Mom

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Kristen Howerton
4. Kristen Howerton

The Howerton family is spirited and cool. The California crew is a group of six confident individuals who always seem to be in-the-know about the next hip trend. And it’s no wonder, because Kristen is an opinionated and passionate mom, family therapist, and freelance writer with discerning taste.

Her blog, Rage Against the Minivan, is jam-packed with content. You’ll find everything from budding foodie Jafta’s culinary adventures, to family vacations across the globe, social justice commentary, and cultivated gift guides. This mom of four through birth and adoption—two of whom are “twins” born on the same day in different countries—cannot be put into a box.

Kristen’s voice is rare in the blogosphere in that she seamlessly switches between self-deprecating humor, fiercely defending her beliefs, sharing family stories, and activism. Parents will appreciate that, while Kristen doesn’t shy away from controversy, she is a wife and mom first. It's clear that she knows how to have a good time and enjoy her family.

Blog: Rage Against the Minivan

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Maralee Bradley
5. Maralee Bradley

Having cared for 23 children as a foster, adoptive, birth, and house mom (in a children’s home), Maralee Bradley knows a thing or two about raising kids. Through her writing, she stands out as a voice for adoption and transracial families. Her lovely ability to speak to important issues without being divisive or inflammatory is refreshing in our current political climate.

Her viral post, To the White Parents of my Black Son’s Friends, was a heartfelt plea to the country that resonated with parents everywhere. Along with her blog, Maralee is a contributor to Her View From Home, The Forgotten Initiative, and For Every Mom, among others.

Maralee shares her stories of joy and heartache as a woman who has experienced infertility, miscarriage, foster care, adoption (international and domestic), birth, and life as a “trauma mama.” But she isn’t all advocacy and thought-provoking essays, parents won’t want to miss her funny posts on social media, where she shares her side splitting observations as a mom with six kids under the age of nine.

Blog: A Musing Maralee

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Jillian Lauren
6. Jillian Lauren

To say that Jillian Lauren has lived an interesting life would be an understatement. This mother of two is a bestselling author and wife of rocker Scott Shriner of the band Weezer. She is also a former escort who lived in Prince Jefri of Brunei’s harem for 18 months. Her website tagline is, “from member of a harem to member of the pta. Yes, really,” which perfectly illustrates her unapologetic style—in her writing and her life.

Jillian writes engaging narrative in books, on her blog, and in her essays, which have been featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and Salon, to name a few. Her newest release, “Everything You Ever Wanted” has received praised from mainstream media and in the adoption community.

Despite her success, it is clear that Jillian’s greatest joys are her two bright-eyed, adopted sons, Tariku and Jovi. She shares photos and gushes over them as often as she talks about raising children with special needs. Jillian’s charming telling of her exceptional life (including a rock tour with her kids in tow) will captivate anyone who loves a good story.

Blog: Jillian Lauren

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Mike & Kristin Berry
7. Mike & Kristin Berry

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent is more than a blog, it’s a resource. Mike and Kristin Berry have been parenting for over 14 years as foster and adoptive parents. They travel the country encouraging families and speaking on a variety of topics, including parenting, foster care, and marriage.

With Mike writing most of the posts, he provides a perspective that isn’t common in the blogging or adoption world—that of a faithful and involved father. He seems to share whatever is on his heart, broaching often avoided subjects like sex, marriage issues, loneliness, residential care, and feelings of failure.

The couple is brutally honest about the challenges they have faced together raising eight adopted children, some of whom have special needs. Their mission is to encourage parents in the trenches and tell them, “I know, I’ve been there, you’re not alone.” All parents will benefit from the wisdom Mike and Kristin share, especially those who are weary and looking for support.

Blog: Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

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Carina Schoen
9. Carina Schoen

Carina is the girl next door, all grown up, with an adorable little family of her own. Little, as in young, because this busy mom is raising six children—both adopted and biological—with her husband, Nick.

Her blog, Lovely Little Whimsy, is a collection of stories about her kids, delicious recipes, and her thoughts on everything from TV to faith. She is a talented photographer, which is evident in the gorgeous photos she shares of her family, food, and other beautiful things.

She has a great sense of style, but admits to wearing sweats most days. Her kids are beyond precious, but she makes it clear that there are days that she is exhausted and overwhelmed. She is sweet, but not saccharine, and her authenticity will make you wish she was the mom down the street.

Blog: Lovely Little Whimsy (If this link isn't working for you, just delete the https at the beginning!)

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