My 6 Greatest Adoption Fears

Here are 6 adoption fears that would keep me up at night when we were getting approved for adoption.

Kira Mortenson December 07, 2014

Adopting a child can bring stress and fears. But most of all, it’s wonderful.  When my husband and I were thinking about adoption, I had some big fears about adoption. The greatest of those adoption fears tore at my heart constantly. Some of those fears included contact with the birth mother, the baby, and future pregnancy. I hope these experiences help hopeful adoptive parents conquer their fears about adoption.

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Kira Mortenson

Kira became a mother through adoption twice and once through a high-risk pregnancy. She and her husband opened their hearts to open adoption five years ago and now enjoy a beautiful relationship with their children's birth mothers, who are best friends, and their son's birth father. She has served as a co-chair for a chapter of Families Supporting Adoption, and enjoys doing adoption presentations for schools in her community. When she isn't changing poopy diapers and making mac n cheese, she spends her time teaching dance, attempting to exercise, and spending time with her husband, Mike. Instagram ID: Kiralm

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