If adopted, would you want to know about your biological family? What questions would you have? Would those answers change your life? How would it impact your life? Everyone has a desire to know where they came from, their heritage, their background, and their biological family. It was only years ago that the majority of adoptions were closed, meaning the adopted person received very little if any information about their biological family. Now, those adopted children are adults and some want to learn about their biological family. This is the story of brothers Marcus and Scott Lingenfelter as reported by The Morning Call.

Marcus and Scott were placed for adoption at a young age. They two brothers grew up in a very loving home and now, as grown adults, have productive lives with their families. But there was still something missing for both of them: the chance of knowing about their biological family. For many years, they did not have access to any records and had limited information.

However, this past November, a new bill was passed that would allow adopted people in Pennsylvania to gain access to and view their original birth certificate. Marcus and Scott requested and received their original birth certificates, and Marcus was able to contact their biological mother back in November for the first time in his life. He now talks and texts daily with her and sees her about once a month. Scott has also spoken with his biological mother and shared how happy she was to hear from them and learn about their positive lives and families.

Marcus and Scoot are both very happy to have formed a relationship with their biological mother, especially since their adoptive mother passed away several years ago. They have personally realized that every family relationship is one to cherish.