When her birth mother was 13 years old, she became pregnant. Claire Culwell harbors no ill feelings toward her birth mother, just gratitude for life. When the 13-year-old’s mother found out she was pregnant, she took her straight to the abortion clinic. The abortion was performed and the girl went on with her life. And then, several weeks later as her stomach continued to grow, it was revealed that she had been pregnant with twins and the abortion only terminated one twin.

Claire is well aware that her life is a miracle. Life is a gift, and she speaks out to the world telling others who may find themselves in the situation her birth mother was in that there are options. Claire says, “an accident –- unwanted child –- still deserves life. Even a child with disabilities.” She then describes her disabilities, all of which are results of the failed abortion.

For Claire — disabilities and all — life is still precious.

Claire’s story is available to be read at the National Right To Life News.