Featured in “I Lived on Parker Ave,”  a documentary showing all sides of the adoption triad, David Scotton’s story is one of hope. In the film to be released online tonight, David travels by train to meet his birth parents for the first time. He narrowly escaped an abortion and now wants his story to show people the importance of what adoption can be.

In 1993, his birth mom Melissa found out she was pregnant. She and her boyfriend, Brian, were barely making ends meet. Food was scarce, and they didn’t see how they could possibly bring a child into that situation. They decided that Melissa would have an abortion. She arrived at the abortion clinic and was led down the hall to a room where she was given a gown. All the while she could hear the protesters outside yelling and praying. One voice in particular made it above the rest. It yelled, “Your child had ten fingers and ten toes.” As the doctor slid his stool over to her to begin the procedure she decided not to go through with it. Instead she placed the baby for adoption.


David was born and adopted in Indiana. He traveled to Louisiana where he was raised by his loving parents, Jimmy and Susan Scotton. He is attending college and supports the pro-life movement. He says, “We are doing this because we want to save lives.”

Davis says, “I don’t want to live my life not ever knowing what could have been. I certainly understand why Melissa and Brian may have considered abortion. I understand they were not in a position to take care of me.” About his adoption he says, “The most important thing I can do in my entire lifetime is thank them for that decision.”