15-year-old Roksana Sikorski was an easy child when she joined the Sikorski family several years ago. She and her two siblings were adopted after having lived in an abusive home in Poland. Roksana began to exhibit more problematic behaviors when she reached adolescence and was soon diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Last spring, after meeting Michael Rivera, a twenty-three-year-old man, over Facebook, Roksana’s poor behavior escalated. Together they plotted to kill the Sikorski family after the parents filed statutory rape charges against Rivera.

According to prosecutors, Rivera allegedly waited outside of the family’s home, texting Roksana directions to cut her 12-year-old brother’s jugular vein. Roksana stabbed her brother in the throat and tried to stab her sister before fleeing the house with Rivera.

Prosecutors have decided to charge Roksana as an adult, but her attorney is fighting that decision, stating that she needs treatment rather than a possible life sentence. Leslie Posner (the teen’s attorney) believes Roksana suffers from Reactive Attachment Disorder.