Children who have been in the foster system and separated from their siblings often express great desires to be adopted together. Louisana’s KPLC TV recently reported on one such group.  Ranging in age from 7 – 12, this sibling group of four has been separated for two years. They miss each other and they ache for permanency. When KPLC asked what type of parents they would like, all four siblings responded the same. No stipulations other than this: They would like their parents to be kind and nice.

According to A Family For Every Child, “easier adjustment” is among the list of benefits to adopting a sibling group. Any child in the foster system awaiting adoption will have transition issues, but having a sibling who has experienced the same upbringing and much of the same trauma helps ease them into the permanent, adoptive home.

If you are interested in searching for sibling groups, a good place to start may be’s Photo Listing Page.