Deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas, we value family and community. It’s a place where expectant parents can feel accepted, hopeful adoptive parents can feel supported, and adoptees can feel heard as they all embark on their unique adoption experiences. 

Placing a Baby for Adoption in Dallas

If you are experiencing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy, know that you have options and resources available to you. If you have chosen to pursue adoption and have questions—don’t hesitate to reach out to an adoption professional. It is never too early or too late to make an adoption plan. Professionals may suggest that you include the following actions as part of that plan:

  • Speak with an adoption specialist about your needs 
  • Apply for medical insurance if you do not have it
  • Visit an OB/GYN and begin regular check-ups
  • Find an adoption agency to work with throughout your pregnancy
  • Consider how much contact you want with the adoptive family after the adoption
  • Search for a family you love on Parent Profiles 
  • Begin planning for the birth with a hospital or birthing center

To speak with a member of the Team for help getting started, visit

Adopting a Baby in Dallas

There are many reasons why someone may consider adopting—whether through domestic infant adoption, international adoption, or adoption through foster care. Couples struggling with fertility or infertility, single people who wish to parent, or families simply hoping to expand their family through adoption despite a biological ability to have children all have a place in the adoption community. 

Regardless of the circumstances or types of adoption that hopeful adoptive parents pursue, most can expect to do the following: 

Adoptee Resources

No one’s adoption story is the same as another’s. Someone adopted from another country, someone adopted from foster care, and someone who was a part of a domestic infant adoption will all have different experiences and, perhaps, feelings about adoption. Expectant and hopeful adoptive parents can both learn about the adoption experience by listening to adoptee voices.

In cases of transracial adoption, hopeful adoptive parents may consider joining a support group or course about raising children from a race or culture other than their own. Learning more about culture, role models, biases, and even hair care is one way that hopeful adoptive parents can prepare to raise their children in a healthy environment. 

Although many adoptions nowadays are open or semi-open, there are still countless adoptees from closed adoptions who may be interested in reuniting with biological parents or families.’s Reunion Registry is one resource for reconnecting—no matter where you are from or where your adoption was finalized. 

Adoption Agencies in Dallas, Texas

The Gladney Center for Adoption services the adoption community nationwide connecting expectant and hopeful adoptive families no matter where they live. While Gladney’s headquarters are located in Fort Worth, Texas, there is also an office in Dallas where you can meet with a case worker. To begin the process, visit