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Andrea & Kris from Texas

Thank you for getting to know us. May God protect you, bless you, and give you peace, as you consider adoption.

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Sharon from Missouri

I am excited to embark on this journey to motherhood. When I found out I was approved, I did a happy dance in my office!

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Amy & Matt from Maryland

We whole heartedly believe in open adoption, and feel that the more people who love a child, the better!

Richie & David from New York

Fashion, TV & Film Talent Manager and Technology Executive long to devote our lives to your beloved baby.

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Sun & David from Texas

We promise to give this child a loving home and family, a good church family, a good education, and help cultivate inter...

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Alexandra & Michael from Texas

We would love to have the privilege to get to know you and potentially be a part of your life story.

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Amanda & Kyle from Texas

Know we will raise your child in a God-centered, loving family with SO much support!

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Sheri & Jeb from Arkansas

We can’t wait to add a child to our family! Our home and hearts are ready and open. We’d love to get to know you mor...

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Jennifer & Alex from Texas

You probably have a lot weighing on your mind and we wish we could give you a big hug and talk with you over a cup of co...

Joann & Jay from New York

We are an Italian/Spanish language teacher and a restauranteur who can’t wait to have a family of our own! Thank you f...

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Pria & Parthi from Texas

Our hope and desire is that you arrive at the decision that brings you most peace.

Aaron & Alissa from New Jersey

Doctor & TV writer/producer yearn to give your child a lifetime of unconditional love, creativity, music and laughter.

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Laura & Aaron from Texas

We promise to always honor you and celebrate your strength, love, and courage.

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Martha from Texas

I promise that your child would be raised in a home where they felt the love of God and family every day.

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Brandy & Ozzie from Oklahoma

We understand this is a challenging and difficult time for you. Although we are excited about welcoming a child into ou...

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Kristina & Jake from Texas

We are excited for the opportunity to begin a relationship with you & your child that will bring light and joy into our ...

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Jane & Michael from Connecticut

Our relationship is one built on trust, love, faith, and a belief that we are stronger together than if we were apart.

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Aimee & Robert from Texas

We enjoy camping, beaches, nature, skiing, swimming, movies, games, popcorn, tacos, our church, dance parties & more!

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Lisa & Michael from Texas

We’ve had this dream for a family since we met and you are allowing us to fulfill that dream.

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Elyse & Sebastian from New York

We hope that this profile gives you a better picture of our home, our lives, and who we are as a family.

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Michelle & Daniel from Texas

We are extremely grateful for your decision to make an adoption plan!

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Alyssa & Brian from New York

We know this snapshot of our lives may not answer all of your questions about us, we'd love to connect and tell you more...

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Erica & Taylor from Texas

We promise you that this child will know that they are unconditionally loved by us, by you, by our families, and by God...

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Emily & Jason from Oklahoma

Adoption #2, goofy dad jokes, creative minds and a loving atmosphere, meet Jason, Emily & Cullen.

Amos & John from New Jersey

Loving, creative professionals are ready to adopt Expenses Paid Valid Home Study Approved email@johnandamoshopetoadop...

Matthew & Camryn from Utah

We are the McArthurs! We recognize this is an extremely difficult process for you. We pray you will feel love and streng...

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Kristen & Josh from California

Our names are Josh, Kristen, and Appy (our Golden Retriever). Thank you for letting us share glimpses of our life with y...

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Jenny & Jon from Texas

IN OUR HOME: We laugh. Hard. We celebrate each other. We persevere. We talk about God. We help each other. We pray toge...

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Andrea & Johnson from Texas

The "story of us" begins on a ship in Madagascar and now we're simply excited about building our family.

Angie & Ray from New York

Adoring Executives Yearn For 1st Baby. Travel, Opportunities, Athletics, Big Extended Family Awaits. Open to race.

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Kaylie & Brett from Colorado

We promise to give your child a healthy loving home where endless adventure, fun, and laughter reign.

Chase & Cyndi from South Dakota

We understand that choosing adoption is not an easy decision and we appreciate you taking time to look at our profile!

Joe & Bruce from New York

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. Whatever decision you make, we wish you peace and happiness.

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Jaime & Jimmy from Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us as you make the most important decision of your life.

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Kelly & Mike from Texas

We believe you are noble, strong, and courageous.

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Kelly & Derek from Indiana

We promise to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing home filled with books, too many baked goods, and plenty of sillines...

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Jessica & Matthew from Illinois

We encourage each other to pursue our passions in life and help each other reach our goals.

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Krissa & Gary from Texas

Before even meeting you, we believe in you. You are strong, courageous, selfless, & you are worthy.

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Ashley & Matt from Texas

We always put each other first and are excited to see where the next 10 years will lead us as we become parents!

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Samantha & Rhy from Connecticut

We are excited about the future and we thank you for considering us to love, nurture and protect your child.

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Amy & Trent from Texas

We respect the love you have for your child. Your selfless action is truly admirable.

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Kate & Kevin from New York

We love and respect you for the choice you are making for your baby, and thank you for considering us as adoptive parent...

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Leah & Jason from New Jersey

Whatever you decide, we wish you happiness and peace in your heart.

Janell & Ben from South Dakota

The love you have for your child in choosing an adoption plan will always be spoken of in our family. We are praying for...

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Katie & Kevin from Illinois

Even though we don't know you yet, we have been praying for the health and well being of you and your baby.

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Kimberlyn & Jeff from Texas

We are not perfect, but we will always provide a loving, safe, and stable environment surrounded by loving family.

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Elise & Cory from Louisiana

We're Elise & Cory. It's nice to meet you! We would like to create a lasting relationship built on openness and trust.

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Jenn & Mark from North Carolina

We would love to meet you and get to know each other. In the meantime, we hope our profile tells you the story of our li...

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Kara & David from Florida

It has been the biggest privilege and joy of our lives to have experienced adoption with our son and his birth mama!

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Mandy & Dave from Iowa

Adoption represents hope and new beginnings for us. We are looking forward to learning more about you.

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Anthony & Breanne from Texas

Although we haven't met you yet, we feel like we already know you as we have prayed and thought of you so often.

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Meredith & Justin from Texas

We know you have a huge decision in front of you, and we hope this will give you a glimpse into our life.

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Hanna & Bradley from Texas

Family is everything to us and we cannot wait to welcome another child into our lives.

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Courtney & Brad from New York

We intend to teach our children to be strong, laugh hard, but above all else be kind.

Sarah & Eric from New Jersey

Successful TV Actor & Director, will be stay-at-home mom, long to make your baby the center of our lives. Open to race.

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Kris & Ashley from Texas

We hope your heart leads you to a place that gives you strength and brings you comfort as you make a precious decision.

meredith & vincent from New York

A lifetime of unconditional love, opportunities, travel, beaches, music, sports awaits 1st baby.

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Sara & Bryson from Texas

Hi there, we are Bryson and Sara! In our house we laugh, we love deeply, and we extend endless grace. We became first-ti...

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Allison & Cody from Texas

We prioritize laughter, learning, and love in our home.

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Kimberly & Grant from Texas

We believe that you are so brave and strong for considering adoption. We know that you want what is best for your baby.

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Brenda & Tommy from Ohio

We're ready to adopt for a second time and hope to create a happy story for both you and your baby.

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Andrea & Chris from New York

Our highest priority is to show you that we can be trusted to provide a loving, safe and secure life for your baby.

Zach & Rob from New York

Successful executives yearn to devote our lives to your baby

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Kate & Todd from Texas

Our goal as parents is to provide the unconditional love, support and encouragement that will empower our children to th...

Maxine & Dan from New Jersey

Adoring professionals promise to give 1st baby a lifetime of unconditional love, wonderful education, music, beautiful h...

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Karen & Chad from Texas

We're high school sweethearts & have been married for 10 years! We've always known adoption would be part of our story.

Meredith from New York

I believe similar characteristics have gotten us both to this point – a lot of love, care, courage, kindness and selfl...

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Claire & Drake from Georgia

Our dog Otis can't wait for a sibling! We've been together 10 years, married for 5 and hope to grow our family with chi...

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Chelsea & Andrew from Texas

We firmly believe that the life of each person is a gift: precious, unique, and important.

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Sela & Stephen from Texas

We will be your child’s rock. We will give all we have so they thrive to their fullest. We are a nurturing family with...

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Breanna & Jim from Texas

We are anxious to place the last piece into our family puzzle. You can help us complete that picture! XOXOXO

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Helen & Chris from New Mexico

We have prayed that you know in your heart that you are loved and admired by us, regardless of your final decision.

Gladney Approved Family

Samantha & Stephen from Texas

We recognize the great courage and strength that it takes to walk in your shoes, and we pray daily for you and your baby...

Gladney Approved Family

Jami & Casey from Texas

We hope you get a sense of who we are and what kind of parents we would be.

Gladney Approved Family

Rubi & Pablo from Puerto Rico

There are circumstances in life that change our paths, plans and even who we are. Because of that, we'll be in this toge...

Benjamin & Jay from New York

We are humbled by your strength and bravery for considering an adoptive plan for your child.

Gladney Approved Family

Brianna & Clark from Texas

It’s our honor to invite you into our story and to be invited into yours.

Gladney Approved Family

Jess & Cory from Hawaii

Let go of any pressure to "get this right" and embrace this opportunity to create beautiful futures for you and your chi...

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Rebecca & Justin from Delaware

Although we may not know each other yet, we are in awe of the person you are and the love you have for your child.

Gladney Approved Family

Debbie & Jason from California

We are thankful that you are taking the time to learn about us and consider us as possible adoptive parents for your chi...

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Erica & John from Texas

Love. It's the one thing we can promise you, and something we've got a lot of. We know you've got a lot of it, too.

Tyler & Peter from New York

We're a book editor & lawyer in NYC. We are so ready to be dads and can't wait to give a child a joyful, safe, loving ho...

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Kate & Eric from Texas

As people of faith, we believe experiences in life happen for a reason & the greatest challenges turn out to be blessing...

Cullin & Tracy from Idaho

Searching for our next Superhero...

Gladney Approved Family

Rob & Andee from Texas

Love is powerful and the more people that can love and care for a child in this world, the better.

Gladney Approved Family

Amarilis & Rene from Puerto Rico

We think that you are a responsible, brave, and generous person for considering it.

Gladney Approved Family

Kelly & Warren from Texas

We know your love for your child is much bigger than difficult circumstances you may be facing and we truly admire that.

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Monica & Jake from Oklahoma

There are many things in life that are not for certain, but what we know for sure is that we are destined to be parents.

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Annie & Jon from Texas

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us and our dream to grow our family through adoption.

Gladney Approved Family

Amber & Jay from Texas

We're Jay & Amber. We love Jesus, our daughter Annemarie, family, being outdoors, our dog, and enjoying life as a family...

Gladney Approved Family

Stephanie & Jonathan from New York

We are a loving couple who work as a team to make everyday more joyful and the tough times not as tough.

Gladney Approved Family

Erica & Julius from Texas

We know our baby is waiting for us and we cannot wait to be there for every single moment of their life.

Gladney Approved Family

Maggie & Spencer from New Mexico

We believe you love and want the best for this little one, whatever you decide.

Gladney Approved Family

Monica from Texas

I commend you for your courage and for the incredible sacrifice that you are embarking on out of truly unconditional lov...

Gladney Approved Family

Janie & Jay from Texas

We will love your child unconditionally and will respect and honor them for all that they are and will be.

Gladney Approved Family

Emily & Tim from Texas

Our relationship is an adventure. We didn't know where God would lead us, but we've trusted in Him all along the way.

Hailey from New Jersey

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I promise to do all I can to give your child ​​a life filled with u...

Anisa & Greg from New Jersey

Our family is full of warmth, love and fun! We would love to have our own family grow through adoption.

Gladney Approved Family

Crystal & Aaron from Texas

We may have never met before, but we care for you and the journey that you are on. You are strong and brave.

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Joan & Wayne from Louisiana

We enjoyed making this profile and are thrilled to share some of the wonderful moments and memories we have made togethe...

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Beth & Adam from New Hampshire

We hope we can hug you soon and hear more about your hopes and dreams for yourself and your baby!

Gladney Approved Family

Eric & Dave from Colorado

In our eight years together we have learned to value kindness, authenticity, and a good sense of humor.

Gladney Approved Family

Christa & Jeff from Connecticut

We compliment each other well and both want the same things in life. We have so much fun being together.

Gladney Approved Family

Jennifer & Jorge from New York

2 Loving Parents + 1 Big Brother = Waiting for a New Addition!

Gladney Approved Family

Jamie & Kevin from Texas

Whatever you decide, we wish you, your child, and your family love, support, and all the best in the future.

Gladney Approved Family

Casi & Eric from Texas

You've got this - because you are an amazing parent and you are a strong person. We trust your decision and you should t...

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Laura & Clay from Texas

We admire your selfless choice to make an adoption plan, acknowledging your strength and incredible sacrifice.

Gladney Approved Family

Beth & Steve from New York

We can promise this to you—we will be honest, open and candid with you.

Gladney Approved Family

Melissa & Hunter from Texas

Hello! We love our God, we love life together, we love our family, we love our friends, and we love to travel!

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Savannah & Alex from Washington

No matter where you are in this journey, know that you are doing great.

Chris & Raf from New York

Actor (now Attorney) & Creative Executive (former musician), Happily Married, Yearn For Precious Baby.

Gladney Approved Family

Elissa & Richard from Texas

We both had discussed our desire to adopt a child prior to getting married.

Gladney Approved Family

Kristen & Scott from Texas

We truly admire your strength and courage.

Gladney Approved Family

Jessica & Alan from Colorado

We look forward to many adventures where we can work as a family to accomplish new challenges and create lasting memorie...

Gladney Approved Family

Erica & Phil from New Jersey

We're both very laid back, and love exploring local playgrounds; getting together with friends; and cozying up on the co...

Adam & Lori from New York

We are grateful for your consideration and courage and would love to learn more about you and your dreams for your child...

Dan & Steve from New York

Fun-loving and nurturing couple who are prepared and excited to start our family. Learn more about us!

Gladney Approved Family

Sally & Alex from Texas

We want to start off by saying, you are so brave and you are loved. We want you to know a little bit about our heart for...

Gladney Approved Family

Jebina & Andrew from Texas

You are an amazing woman, and for your selfless love we will forever be grateful.

Gladney Approved Family

Paulina & Ben from Texas

We hope from the bottom of our hearts that you find comfort and serenity when you make your choice. We are beyond gratef...

Susan & Andrew from Illinois

We will love your child, laugh with them, and hold them when they cry. We will respect you and hold you in our hearts.

Ashley & Andre from New York

We've been together for 17 years and we can't wait to grow our family.

Laura & Andrew from New Jersey

This is our journey to you, to making our dreams of parenthood come true. Our hearts are ready to love!

Drew & Maki from New York

Loving gay couple looking for a blessing

Samuel & Chelsey from Utah

We are a scientist and elementary teacher, who love books and games. We are looking and hoping for an open adoption.

Betsey & Miles from Utah

Our secret is hot chocolate, way too much hot chocolate, usually with a side of donuts.

Courtney & Josh from California

Loving, playful and energetic family of 3 excited to welcome a new one! We welcome openness with you as their birth moth...

Maria & Bryan from Arizona

Hi there! We’re Bryan and Maria, happy parents of 3 awesome boys. We’re hoping to add a lovely daughter into the mix...

Ashley & Stayton from Utah

We love hard and play hard over here! We believe in kindness and being christlike in all our doings. We can't wait to

Rob & Beth from Michigan

The story of adoption is both hard and beautiful at the same time. Our hope is to create a story with you.

David Radis

Jason & Ann from California

We are so excited to expand our family again with open adoption. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know...

Lisa from Minnesota

I am Lisa from Minnesota! I promise to provide unconditional love, support, education and adventure for my future child.

Rochelle from Washington

Learn more about Rochelle and her thoughts on raising a child....

Ryan & Triana from Utah

Together we have built a home for our children and prepared to adopt a child who will be loved and cared for equally.

Scott & Samantha from Arizona

We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to grow our family through adoption!

Bryce & Jodee from Utah

Adventures, fun times, and love.

Daryl & Jacky from Utah

Anna & Jared from Virginia

Hi! We've dreamed of adoption and are excited to share love, affection, laughter and adventure with another little one!

Gavin & Lisa from Virginia

We are an open book and we want the chapters we add to include you and your baby as we grow our family together!

Blake & Karli from Nevada

2 Big Brothers Looking to be Fierce Protectors of Little Sister.

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