The Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (M.A.R.E.) is using creative methods to find permanent homes for their foster children.

Contracted by the state, M.A.R.E. is tasked with finding homes for harder-to-place children–those over 8 years old, sibling groups, and special needs children. In Western Massachusetts, where the population is smaller, the ratio of children to eligible families makes it difficult for children to gain permanency, so M.A.R.E. hosts “Adoption Parties” where hopeful adoptive individuals can actually mingle and get to know adoptable children over the age of 10. The children’s social workers also attend the parties where questions are answered and adoption can be considered in a playful, comfortable environment. These parties are held several times a year throughout the state.

As reported by Mass Live, any loving home will be considered for these children. One does not need to be married to adopt through M.A.R.E.