Alliance Defending Freedom (a Christian legal advocacy group) presented evidence to the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board that their biology textbooks were in violation of state law. The 2012 Arizona State Law prohibits educational materials and programs that give abortion preference over adoption. It reads that the state should “[promote] childbirth and adoption over elective abortion.” The textbooks that have been edited to mention only birth control and abortion, completely neglecting the option of adoption. Following the presentation, the school board voted 3-2 to redact two pages from the biology book. It was decided that this was the least expensive and most simple way to efficiently handle the problem.

This did not happen without controversy. The American Civil Liberties Union, Arizona chapter, has contacted the Gilbert School Board expressing their displeasure and encouraging them to reconsider. But Arizona State Senator Nancy Barto, who sponsored the bill that became law, was in attendance at the board meeting and spoke in favor of the school board following the law to the letter.