Adoption-Related Mother’s Day Gifts You Don’t Want to Miss

Here are some awesome Mother's Day gifts to show your mom how much you love her. Don't miss out on these!

MK Menon April 13, 2018

Mother’s Day can evoke a mixed bag of emotions for all members of the adoption triad (adoptive mom, birth mom, and adoptee). So finding the right gift may feel like a challenge. But here are a few suggestions that may lead you down the right path for the one you call Mom.


I’m an Adoptive Mom T-shirt
1. I’m an Adoptive Mom T-shirt

If your adoptive mom is one of those ‘say it loud and say it proud’ sort of women, then this gift is perfect. It recognizes the relationship you two have and lets her know—in a public way—just how proud you are of her.

Mom Sign Charms
2. Mom Sign Charms

Simplicity is this gift’s strength. If you’re the crafty type, you could string these charms together with beads for a bracelet or just place a single charm on a chain so that your mom can wear this as a necklace.

Personalized Cutting Board
3. Personalized Cutting Board

This popular wedding gift is a beautiful reminder of the day a special union was created. My husband and I love the one we received at our wedding, but there isn’t any reason your mother wouldn’t appreciate something like this too. Consider inscribing “Mom” or your two names along with the date of your adoption to recognize the day she became your mom.

A Heartfelt Frame
4. A Heartfelt Frame

Some adoptive moms worry about how their kids experience their love. This gift will make it explicit and alleviate that nagging fear.

A Card
5. A Card

You don’t have to break the bank to let your mom know you love her. These handcrafted cards are oozing with love and will be sure to make mom feel special. If you don’t have the time or creativity, you can also check out this option.

A Mug for Her Daily Cup of Joe
6. A Mug for Her Daily Cup of Joe

The meaningful text on this mug makes it not only a practical gift, but also symbolizes a daily honor of your relationship.

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MK Menon

MK Menon is a transracial international adoptee. She was adopted as an infant in a closed adoption yet managed to successfully trace her roots in her twenties. This year she hopes to publish her memoir about her journey to her birth mother. She's a vocal advocate for adoptees tracing their roots. She works as a research scientist and freelance writer. When she and her husband aren't chasing their toddler around the house, she loves cooking up a storm. She currently lives in California.

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