House Republicans want to nix a credit that helps thousands of families afford the adoption process.

In the proposal, they call for the elimination of the Adoption Tax Credit.

Without the Adoption Tax Credit, countless middle and lower class families would undeniably face an increased financial burden when it comes to adopting a child.

Right now, adoptive families can apply for a $13,460 tax credit on their income tax. The Adoption Tax Credit is non-refundable and offsets a family’s tax liability. This means the amount of credit a family can use depends on their income and federal income tax liability. Some families, depending on their income and tax liability (they must make less than $242,000 a year to be eligible), can actually never use the tax credit; other families that don’t have enough tax liability to claim the full credit can carry over the leftover amount for up to five additional years.

Members of Save The Adoption Tax Credit issued a statement in response to the proposal:

“We are deeply concerned by the elimination of the adoption tax credit within the House Republicans’ tax reform proposal. Billed as a framework to help American families, it does exactly the opposite by cutting a credit designed to help American families adopt children. If passed, it will be harder and more expensive for American families. For the children in the United States waiting to be adopted and brought into a loving home – the current proposal as it stands will make that much tougher to do.”

Want to help?

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Click HERE to find your Representative and Senators.
  2. Urge them to save the Adoption Tax Credit. Share your story. Tell them why this tax credit is important (for talking points, click HERE).
  3. Share the importance of the Adoption Tax Credit on social media and use the hashtag #SaveTheATC