On New Year’s Eve a Prior Lake, Minnesota girl began receiving Snapchat messages from a set of twin brothers. The Snapchat messages were demeaning, bullying, and hurtful. By the fourth message, the girl’s friend brought the messages to the attention of the girl’s parents who recorded the subsequent messages with another phone. Immediately, the adoptive parents of the bullied girl tried to contact the parents of the boys so the cruel behavior would be stopped.  The parents weren’t home, but returned the phone call later.

The return phone call began a barrage of racial slurs and adult bullying. Police became involved and what followed resulted in a lot of support from YouTube viewers. The father of the bullied, adopted girl posted the Snapchat messages and the recorded conversation with the bullies’ father on YouTube. Thousands of viewers are offering support against bullying.

Two days after the video was posted on YouTube the father of the bullies lost his job.

The school district is continuing to look into the matter to make sure the bullying doesn’t continue and that no other students are involved.