Tonight on American Ninja Warrior, Josh Butler competes in the Daytona City Finals. Josh is a Nashville bus driver for a non-profit organization that benefits inner-city children. He and his wife have been through a real-life This Is Us story.

Their son, Josh Dewey Butler VI, was born in May 2015 with a genetic disorder their doctor had never seen. His birth defects caused a terrible strain on his tiny body. Josh and Katie spent 132 days at the hospital by his side. Their precious son succumbed to his illness. They were left broken and searching for purpose. “We knew God was preparing us for something,” said Katie.

The Butlers had always wanted children. Dewey’s condition was genetic, so the couple had discussed other options, such as adoption openly with the nursing staff. About two months after the worst day of their lives, they were offered hope. A nurse called the Butlers and told them of a baby boy on the fifth floor that needed a family. Braxtel had many health issues, some the same as Dewey. Unlike their first son, Braxtel was expected to improve. His family had left him at the hospital, unable to provide him with adequate care. The couple fell in love with the boy right away. They fostered and then adopted him. The couple communicates with him using sign language. Braxtel will be in Daytona cheering his dad on. Josh will be donating any prize money to Monroe Carell, Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

American Ninja Warrior airs tonight on NBC 8/7c. You can watch a preview of the airing by clicking here.