The Hart family’s adoption journey to Gideon – as showcased in this video – didn’t come without a few twists and turns.

Ruthie and Jon Hart of Austin, Texas, had originally been matched with an expectant mother due with a baby girl for four months.

“We had the most beautiful, life-giving relationship and friendship with her,” said Ruthie.

The family was devastated, yet filled with joy for the baby when the woman decided to parent.

Four days after their adoption plans for that baby girl failed, they received a call about a baby boy born the night before in Las Vegas. And four days later, he was their son.

“Though it was not the story we expected, it was always meant to be him,”’ said Ruthie.

Hart 2

The Hart family after they arrived home with Gideon.

Inspired by their next door neighbors who adopted a son five years ago and shared their family’s touching video in church, the Harts took videos of special moments on their phone throughout their adoption journey and put it together as a keepsake for their son and a way to allow friends and family members to get a peek into what the adoption process looked like for them.

“The video has gone beyond family and friends,” said Ruthie. “We have had such a positive and encouraging response from complete strangers about it. It is a beautiful story of redemption, family, and love, bringing so many to tears!”