34-year-old Candice Laccetti has been searching for her birth father since she can remember.  All she had was a first name to go on, and every search led to a dead end.

Curtis is a happy father and grandfather who has raised his family, just one county away from where Candice grew up. He dated Candice’s mother for a short while, and when they broke up, there was no communication. He didn’t know she was even pregnant. Out of curiosity, regarding his heritage, Curtis sent in his DNA to ancestry.com. The results he got were more than just interesting.

Candice submitted her DNA to ancestry.com, hoping that this might be the way to find her birth father. Just six weeks later, she heard back: “Your father is Curtis95220.”

So, the reunion began, giving Candice siblings she never knew existed! The reunion also added to Curtis’ family, including six new grandchildren!