Arrested last June in their home, Johann and Kimery Jorg are accused of abusing and starving two of their four adopted children. The two younger children, apparently favored by the parents, were found in good health, but removed from the home along with the two older daughters. The 13-year-old weighed just 60 pounds when she was found with blistered feet and leathered skin from the many beatings. The 11-year-old girl was also in poor physical condition.  Both were homeschooled and severely punished for the slightest mistake, including improper memorization of a Bible verse.

The girls were forced to sleep outside in a tent, usually naked with just a bucket to use as a toilet. They were also made to run for a lengthy time period in the heat and beaten with a wooden paddle. The Jorg children were homeschooled, and it was stated that Kimery is the one who meted out most of the punishment because of misbehavior. Although the parents do not deny the abuse, they believe it was justified. Both Johann and Kimery stated that the girls received punishments because of lying and stealing. When investigators asked for specifics, the only recollection was that a single mint was taken from a packet of mints.

All four children were adopted by the Jorgs after having lived in abusive environments.

Johan Glenn Jorg, 62, was sentenced last week to 14 years in prison.  He pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse for beating and starving the two older daughters, and four other counts were dismissed.

Kimery Jorg has yet to be sentenced for her part in the abuse of their adopted daughters.