is designed to be an open forum for adoption information, resources, and meaningful dialogue. As part of this mission, regularly publishes articles from many different writers in the adoption community. Our editorial team strives to review these articles before we publish them. However, sometimes we, unfortunately, miss things and publish articles that should not have been published. We recently posted an article titled “The Baby Bust: Why Are There No Infants to Adopt?” and “11 Ways Adoption Is Like Going On A Vacation” that was written by a member of the adoption community. 

It was brought to our attention that the article included some inappropriate and inaccurate elements, so we immediately removed this article.   We are grateful for the feedback and are sorry for offending or hurting anyone.  As previously mentioned, The Gladney Center for Adoption owns, however, they are separate organizations with different administrative bodies.  Gladney was not aware of this article being posted and immediately supported it being removed.