Encouraging children and young adults to talk about their feelings, Tynetta Crawford is the author of Help Me Carry My Baggage.  A children’s book, the message in it is intended for both younger and middle school-aged children.  Tynetta (nicknamed “Tiny” in fourth grade by a loving teacher) hopes that the message of children in foster care, their circumstances, their hardships, and their feelings, will become real to everyone.

“Hello, my name is Tynetta M. Crawford and I am the real-life ‘Tiny.’ I’m very open about my experiences because I believe that they may help other children and families better cope with the adoption process. Although my book talks about adoption, I need the readers to understand that adoption can consist of family member adoption as well as outside adoption. In either case, the child has feelings about what is transpiring, and this book is one take on how they may feel. Please read along and see if you and your children can find ‘Tiny’s bags.’  I hope that you enjoy this story and look forward to other stories to come,” Tynetta shares in the description about her book.

Help Me Carry My Baggage may be purchased from Tate Publishing and is also available as an audio book.

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