Adoption: Bearing the Wait

A few tried-and-true suggestions for enjoying life while waiting for your adoption to happen.

Candise Gilbert May 05, 2014

It is a well-known fact that adoption involves waiting. I haven’t met many people who look forward to that wait. There are a few things, however, that can make the wait a little more bearable.

Find Someone to Serve
1. Find Someone to Serve

Nothing is more unpleasant (or more unattractive) that a miserable person sitting around pining for what they don't have. A quick look around your community or church group will provide plenty of opportunities for service. Find a place, or a person to serve. Service ALWAYS increases happiness, and you may even find that there are others struggling with personal challenges. I haven't always enjoyed my personal challenges, but I certainly don't want my neighbors'!

Make Memories
2. Make Memories

Find time to make memories as a couple. True, life hasn't taken the path you hoped and planned, but enjoy the path nonetheless! Remember that you fell in love with your spouse - most likely long before adoption became part of the plan. Spend time together doing things you enjoy. Trust me, when that long-awaited child does come, you will be so grateful for the time you spent cheerfully waiting!

Find Your "People"
3. Find Your "People"

Great support can be found among those sharing your walk through the world of adoption and waiting. Time spent with those who understand is always enjoyable and rejuvenating. Find a support group, make a concerted effort to reach out to others. Their understanding of your situation will be refreshing!

Set Aside Time For Yourself
4. Set Aside Time For Yourself

We all have hobbies and interests that we forget or set aside when life gets busy. This is a great time to pick those up again, or find some new ones. What can you do to better yourself? The time you so badly wish was taken up with a child could be put to good use learning and improving your talents and skills.

Eat Ice Cream
5. Eat Ice Cream

There will be times, despite your best efforts, when waiting is just plain difficult. At those times, eat ice cream. It is okay to feed your feelings every once in a while. Tomorrow will be a better day, and you can begin it with a renewed resolve to do something to make your wait time more bearable.

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Candise Gilbert

Candise is the mother of 2 darling girls and the wife of a fantastic husband. She became a mother through the miracle of adoption and parenting is her favorite job! She makes dinner every night, loves a good book, talks about adoption as often as she can, and tries to surround herself with fabulous people.

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