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Hopeful Adoptive Parents and Open Adoption

“I love my son’s birth mother. We started out as strangers. I was a hopeful adoptive mother, and she was a woman who had decided that adoption was best for her son. But from the minute we said “hello” over the phone, I couldn’t help but love her fiercely. She was kind. She was funny. She was brave. We spent three months getting to know one another before our son arrived, and when she placed that boy in my arms, my heart broke for her. She had become my friend.” 4 Pieces of Open Adoption Advice from an Adoptive Mom

“My hope for both of my children is that they will grow up feeling whole, and that they will be able to find answers to all of their hard questions. I hope that I remain unthreatened and able to provide them with honest answers at the appropriate time. We foster relationships with their birth families, not only because they are now all our family and we care for them, but also to facilitate a relationship while they are young that they can one day take ownership of, too.” Open Adoption Doesn’t Have to be Confusing

“Because open adoption isn’t about me; it’s about love. The amount of love you have for your child. It changes everything.” Open Adoption: It’s about Love

“How can I possibly love my child- but not those who gave her life?” 5 Adoption Quotes That Actually Capture the Realities of Open Adoption

“Birth parents are not kidnappers, and they are not your enemy. In open adoption placements, they were the ones who chose you to parent their child. If anything, your child’s birth parents are your biggest cheerleaders. They want nothing more than to know their child is in the safest, most loving and nurturing environment within your home.” Common Fears and Uncertainties About Open Adoption

“November 2, 2009 is a day I will never forget. It is the day that I became a mother. My husband became a father. I stared at my son and couldn’t believe how amazing he was – his little toes, his big eyes, his cute little chin. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. All this happened because of a 16-year-old girl who chose not to abort her baby, but go through pregnancy and delivery in order to lovingly place him in our arms afterward. She loved him so much. Anyone could see and feel that love just by being around her. We were so happy we chose an open adoption because when we left the hospital, we said, “See you soon!” instead of saying, “Goodbye.” We have kept our promise to her and we have continued to have an open adoption.” How Choosing Open Adoption Blessed Our Family In Totally Unexpected Ways

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Adoptive Parents and Open Adoption

“Like any relationship, open adoption requires work, compromise, empathy, and love. And, like any relationship, open adoption comes with its fair share of problems. When issues within open adoption arise, you can either open an honest line of communication, or you can shut down. The latter will most likely cause tension and resentment to build which, in the end, can damage the relationship to a point where not much is salvageable. It’s how we approach these problems that set the tone for a healthy or unhealthy open adoption relationship.” Common Problems In Open Adoption And How To Address Them

“We all have natural boundaries. Whether it’s handshakes vs. hugs, a little extra personal space, or no drop-in visitors, it’s natural to have boundaries in your life that keep you feeling secure. People who live within your personal boundaries are the people you have the most organic relationships with. Considering that the relationships we have within our open adoptions need to last a lifetime, we all tread carefully out of respect for our children. We should genuinely want a relationship where wrinkles in the fabric get smoother over time. In order to do that, we need to learn one another’s personal boundaries and respect those. The only way to figure those out is to communicate.” Why We Need Boundaries, Even in Healthy Open Adoption Relationships

“Open adoption is a fairly new idea, and for those that are not directly involved, it can be hard to understand. When I placed baby R with her adoptive family, many people, including family members, had questions. After all, your birth child is your mother’s birth grandchild, your nephew’s birth cousin, and so on. So how can you help them understand?” How To Help Family Members Understand Open Adoption

“All I could think about was how I felt crushed. I was so wrapped up in creating a family my way with my ideas and what I thought had to be the best way. Open adoption was certainly not the best way. Right? My friend Amber is a birth mama. She placed her baby girl in another mama’s arms years ago; coming up on 18 years. Her adoption was supposed to be somewhat open but hasn’t been. I asked her how that made her feel and her response? ‘It literally rips my soul apart if I allow myself to think about it.’” 3 Reasons You Should Grieve Not Having An Open Adoption

“The concept of open adoption is relatively new, and new ideas come with a lot of uncertainty. There haven’t been many long-term studies on this type of adoption, and we can’t know for sure exactly how open adoptions affect everyone involved in the adoption triad. No two people are the same, just as no two adoption situations are the same. However, there are some things we do know. I have interviewed many people about their role in the adoption triad, as well as having an open adoption myself. Open adoptions affect each part of the adoption triad differently. Here’s what I’ve seen so far.” How Does Open Adoption Affect Members of the Adoption Triad?

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Birth Parents and Open Adoption

“When I was pregnant and planning to place my son for adoption, I often focused on the pain I imagined would occur. How hard it would be to hold him after birth knowing he wasn’t coming home with me, the first weeks and months without him in my belly, seeing him grown and raised by someone else. What I didn’t expect and what I am so grateful for are the joys of my open adoption that have blessed my life.” 4 Unexpected Joys from My Open Adoption

“When I was pregnant and planning to place my son for adoption, I had no idea the emotions I was going to face or what life would be like post-placement. I wanted an open adoption and hoped that it would be better than not knowing how he was as the idea of a closed adoption felt like brutally severing a cord attached to my heart. But I honestly had no idea how much my heart would break by placing him into his parents’ arms, how my chest would throb with an emptiness. I thought, with losing my parents, that I had a firmer grasp on loss, but truly nothing can prepare you for going home from the hospital without a child.” How I’ve Found Healing in My Open Adoption

“My expectations of open adoption were definitely met and exceeded. Getting to talk to my daughter and see her a couple times a year gives me a peace of mind. I love watching her grow and learning about how she is doing in school, sports, etc. The other wonderful part about open adoption is getting to be a part of the whole adoptive family. I want Maddie’s siblings to know I love them too and that they are important to me too.” 16 Years Later: A Birth Mother’s Perspective on Open Adoption

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Open Adoption and Adoptees

“Open adoption isn’t just a trendy fad like the Birkin bag we all have our eye on, so why does it seem to be getting so much buzz lately? It’s because open adoption vs. closed adoption has actually been studied and found to be beneficial to adoptees. But why is open adoption so important to those who were adopted?” 7 Reasons Open Adoption is Beneficial to Adoptees

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Open Adoption Guides

“An open adoption allows adoptees to know facts about their first family and in many cases gives them the opportunity to maintain a healthy relationship with their biological relatives. Open adoption is different for every family, but it involves some sort of communication between adoptive and biological families. The ability to communicate smooths the gaps between birth and adoptive families. When we communicate, we find that our differences fade away compared to our similarities. When we communicate, we open doors to full hearts and clear minds.” A Guide to Communication in an Open Adoption

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