Betty Morrell has been searching for over fifty years for her birth mother. But 96-year-old Long Island Lena Pierce waited much longer for the reunion. Eight-two years to be exact.

At age 14 Lena gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She named her Eva. But when Eva was just six months old, the state forced Lena to give up her daughter, stating that Lena was too young to raise a child. Although Lena went on to marry and have other children, there was always a hole in her heart. She wondered about her baby girl and she ached to hold her again.

Through DNA searching, Eva—later named Betty by her adoptive parents—was connected to the family. The Reunion at the Greater Binghampton Airport in Binhamton, New York was tender and all they hoped it would be.

Betty lost her mother while in her early twenties, and her father shortly thereafter. She was lonely. Thus began the search.  “I’m not alone anymore.  I have my mother and I have sisters and brothers.  It’s surreal but so wonderful to be together again after all this time,” Betty told the local news station WBNG.

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