Birth Mother Sends Breast Milk for Baby’s First Months [video]

This birth mother went the extra mile in giving her baby the very best.

Denalee Chapman January 18, 2016
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An Alaskan teenager became pregnant her senior year of high school and decided early in her pregnancy that she would place her child for adoption with a family friend. Wanting the best for her baby in every way, 19-year-old Kaleen Pysher told the adoptive parents that she would be breastfeeding her baby while in the hospital.

But it wouldn’t end there.

For the next three months, this selfless teenage birth mother would pump breast milk for the baby. While she was pregnant, Pysher was told by a prenatal nurse that breastmilk gives babies a great start in life.

Additionally, it helped in the healing process for Pysher. “It made me feel so connected to her because I thought, ‘My baby still needs me for something—she still needs me for food,’ and in that way I felt very connected to her, and like the adoptive parents still needed me,” she told Today Parents.

Pysher shared, on video, her adoption experience and her choice to provide breast milk for the baby. Her experience of birth and placement resonates with many birth parents—but her commitment to give her baby breast milk is extraordinary!

God Updates visited with Kaleen about her decisions. She told them that she had always planned on college immediately after high school, but that now she had a new calling—that of birth mother.

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Denalee Chapman

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