The Captain aged 6It’s official!  The Captain is 6.

He came to us just over 3 years ago, two weeks short of his 3rd birthday.  It sounds cliche, but the time has flown!

In many respects, he is a normal boy.  He loves active games and Legos.  He loves to run, play, fidget and make a bit of mischief. He loves his siblings and — this is new — his parents.

He has made so much progress.  He is making huge strides in speech with only a few niggling issues to clear up.  He is learning along with his kindergarten class, although at his own pace.  He can do auditory tasks we only dreamed of a year ago.  He has learned to count to 12 and to 20 with only two mistakes.  Last year, he could count to 5.  He can write his own name without assistance; 4 months ago he only had the first letter.  He can behave in class many days and this year, he has not had any fits in his classroom.  Last year, daily fits were the norm.

All of these things are inspiring and amazing.  However, more importantly from the Mama-point-of-view is this: He is finally getting that home is a safe place, a sane place, and that he can count on us. He can count on us to care for him, to love him, to help him when he is sad or hurt. He can also count on us to teach him manners, to help him be kind and to provide discipline and guidance. He still does not love this part.  Even a time out is hard for him to tolerate, but we are getting there.

I look at this handsome child, this loving child, this sweetheart of a child . . . and I am so grateful for his presence in our lives.  For more important than what we are teaching him is what he is teaching us. He is teaching perseverance, patience and the true meaning of love.  And that is what makes it all priceless.