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Leaking through the media is news that Angelina Jolie has won over Brad Pitt’s heart for adoption yet again. Currently directing the film “First They Killed My Father” in Cambodia, Angelina became smitten with young Allouy Shoun, one of the thirteen children in a family close to Brad & Angie’s children.

The destitute family who lives in the Siem Reap slums where the filming is taking place have been friends of the Jolie/Pitt family for quite some time. They are especially close to Zahara and Shiloh. InTouch Weekly Reports one of the thirteen children, Leida, saying, “We only had one bicycle for the entire family and it was old.” Angelina gifted the family with two new bikes. “So for us this is an amazing gift. Shiloh and Zahara and their family are very good, very nice people. We have known them for a while.”

The baby’s family is suffering financially because the 40-year-old father is too ill to go to work. The other twelve children, ages 16 months to 23 years, all live at home with their parents.  A source quoted in stated, “Angie has pledged to pay more than $1 million to help support the family and to adopt baby Alloyu.”

Australia’s reports that bikes aren’t the only gift that Shiloh & Zahara’s family has showered upon Allouy’s family. They’ve spent “more than $275 on clothes for them, [and] taken them on trips to an arcade.”

The famous couple are already parents to six children, three of whom are adopted. Their first child, Maddox (14) was adopted from Cambodia in 2002. Zahara and Pax are also adopted, and the family has three biological children, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne.

While the adoption has not yet taken place, with news like this leaking, all Jolie-Pitt fans are excited to see the family grow.