There is no joy like the joy of a child. They are fearless, hardworking fighters, and very resilient. All children deserve to have opportunities to grow. Unfortunately, that is not the case, especially for youth in foster care. Youth in foster tend care tend to fall through the cracks and get lost and forgotten.

That is where Elizabeth Brazilian has stepped in to make a difference in the state of Michigan. She created Child Safe Michigan, a nonprofit organization that focuses on foster care, adoption, and mentoring.

This is an organization that, as their website stated, is to “provide expert, comprehensive services in Michigan so that children who are impacted by abuse and neglect are able to make unique contributions in their communities.”

They assist families in becoming foster or adoptive families and finding and becoming mentors for foster youth. Additionally, the organization provides financial assistance for foster families. In 2017, they raised over $750,000 for families. This is used to help alleviate the financial strain that comes from adding and caring for a foster child in your home. There is a small state-funded stipend for foster families, but in no way does it meet the expenses to cover the cost of a child placed in your home under the foster care system. Elizabeth states, “We go far beyond everything the state provides so that our children in our foster care homes feel like they are just like every other kid in their school.”

It has made a positive impact for many youths, including Dakota Sokol. She experienced past abuse and trauma. Fortunately, she was adopted by a loving family and also has a mentor that she can relate to as having a similar past.

It is very positive to have this program in place, foster youth will be able to benefit from this powerful program, and how it will make a difference in their lives and the lives of others in the future.